Friday, April 9, 2010

Where Babysmartees Leaves Off

I make it no secret that I own Babysmartees (t-shirts to enhance infant visual stimulation). The Babysmartees Blog is also mine and it has received quite a bit of recognition for the information regarding infant stimulation activities. But what happens when you no longer have an infant? When your baby becomes a toddler and can ask questions and is looking for answers. I say JUMP ON THOSE OPPORTUNITIES! Jump on them as fast as you possibly can.

For example, my son is beyond the learning of "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" not that the song and game aren't fun, but the evolution to that was his question "What's this?" and pointing to his elbow. And, "What's this?" and pointing to the back of his leg. And "What's this?" with his finger on his hip bone. So I thought a book on the musclular and skeletal sytem could help us out.

We started at the library and checked out a rather advanced book for a 3 year old - but it had pop-up pages, a page where you could hear the heart beating, and on the front of the book you pushed a button and there were twinkling lights around the brain. My son cannot get enough of it!! We look through that book every day - with his favorite part being the digestive system (mostly because it ends with going poop!)

However, he has also learned that his lungs fill with air when he inhales, that his skull is bone and protects his brain, and that blood is a good thing. His vocabulary now includes kidneys, liver, pancreas, esophagus, pupil, iris, lobule, and salivary gland (when else do you get to produce spit and your mother smiles!).

Oddly enough we still have not really focused on the muscular or skeletal system, so I have looked up some other books for that. Hope the recommendations help you too!

Here is the book my son just loves. I have returned the libary's book and bought him his own.

I have also purchased this book. It has a child's version of a child's skeletal system that you can hang up and is appropriate for a young mind. The booklet portion is good, but not appropriate for a toddler.

This is a coloring book. I wish it wasn't because the content is awesome for a young curious mind.

This book has two awesome charts in it. It is recommended for children 8 and up and that seems right. I may even buy it sooner if my son continues to show the same interest in the human body.

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  1. These are such great books Paula!! I can't believe how interested the kids are to look at them and ask questions.